About Beogall’s Choice

Beogall’s Choice – a novel for teens and young adults – starring 14 year old Toby Myers and his friends, both human and avian. As the book opens, Toby discovers he can communicate with the great blue heron, Beogall, but other events quickly follow, throwing Toby into turmoil. He is forced out of his fine home, begins to reconnect with his wise grandmother on Truewind Island and tries to fit in at an unusual new school. Toby and company soon begin to discover disturbing plans afoot, first at his old mansion grounds and then at the amazing Westwind on Truewind Island.

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Toby Myers, 14, is a pampered rich kid who’s world is about to change. Some would call him a bit of a nerd but others would say he just has unusual interests. His main interest is ‘for the birds’.

On the same day that his world is turned upside down, Toby discovers that he can communicate with a great blue heron, Beogall. Evicted from an incomparable mansion by the thoroughly nasty Suchno Whenge, he and his single-parent father (and where is his mother?), now must make their home in a condominium development full of strangers.

But many of the strangers become friends and some can also communicate with birds too. A host of unusual characters from teens with unusual gifts to First Nations elders, help Toby and the birds fight for nature. Follow Toby’s adventures as he and his friends occupy the beautiful Westwind Bird Sanctuary in order to save it.

map of Truewind 

2 thoughts on “About Beogall’s Choice

  1. Hi G.G. I noticed that you were listed on Belfire Press’s website as an author. Have they released your novel to date?

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